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Power washing a fence can strip and fur the wood, causing more harm than good. If you want to restore the natural look of your fence, it should be steam cleaned at low pressure. We then brighten it using a professional brightening chemical.
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Soft Washing is a new technique. It utilizes commercial cleaning solvents. We use low pressure water to clean surfaces without damaging the material. This is our preferred cleaning method for houses, roofs, fences and decks. We use a special spray gun to apply cleaning solutions to your house or roof — without pressure. The solution “works” on the algae, mildew and grime — then it is gently washed away, leaving you with surfaces that look like new.

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  • Pressure Wash Sidewalks & Concrete Driveways
  • Steam Clean Oil/Grease spots on Concrete
  • Pressure Wash & Seal Stamped Concrete
  • Pressure Wash Patios
  • Pressure Wash Roofs
  • Pressure Wash Pool Decks and Seal Concrete
  • Cobweb and Dirt Removal
  • Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding
  • Pressure Wash Stucco Homes
  • Pressure Wash & Seal Pavers
  • Paint surface preparation
  • Pressure Wash Gutters
  • Pressure Wash Windows
  • Steam Clean Driveways
  • Pressure Wash Flagstone
  • Pressure Wash and Clean Wood Siding
  • Pressure Wash and Clean Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Pressure Wash Lime, Scale, Calcium Deposits
  • Algae Removal on Sidewalks & Homes
  • Pressure Wash Masonry and Concrete Surfaces
  • Pressure Wash Homes
  • Pressure Wash Garage Floors
  • Oil and Grease Removal on Concrete

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